Alive Because of Love

Alive Because of Love

I had been a closet crack addict for almost 12 years. I was a single parent raising three children. I had a wonderful job making good money and was taking care of my family… I used all kinds of drugs and was always in control to stop or start when I wanted to.

As I gradually began to do more and more drugs, people started noticing changes…. Finally, I got arrested. Not just arrested, but my older daughter saw it on TV. My children lost all respect for me.… I know that it was God who directed me to Word Of Life Ministries. But while I waited for a bed to become available, I stayed in my empty apartment alone for 3 days—me and my addiction.

On the fourth day around 5 a.m., with money still in my pocket, I cried out from my heart, “God, help me! Please help me! I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to change, but I need Your help.”

At that very time God prepared a bed for me in the Center….

Not only have I been delivered from drugs, but now I can say No to anything that’s not of God. That was 1991.

Fifteen years have come and gone [at the time of this writing]. Today I am married to a godly man who also graduated from the New Life Dream Center. Neither one of us had anything. Now we own our very own home because we trusted God all the way. My relationship with my children is stronger than I ever hoped for. My whole family is saved and serving God… I am alive today because of His love for me. When I called upon Him, He helped me. Jesus is truly the answer. With God’s help I can overcome anything—and so can you.

—Ernestine W., 1992 graduate