The Night I Left Egypt

I am 53 years old and I’m from Brooklyn, New York. Although I felt the call of God on my life as young as 9 years old, I also felt the pull of the inner city streets and the influence of older peers and, at the age of 15, I began to experiment with alcohol

Returning to My Mother

I grew up saying “I never want to be like my mother.” (I had to learn the hard way that what I spoke out of my mouth would surely come to pass.) I was too blind to see she was doing the best she could, being a single parent with 4 children to raise. I

Almost Dead, Now Wondrously Alive

After 20 years of alcoholism and terribly disastrous life decisions I found myself alone and near physical death. I moved from California to Florida and that is where God chose to rescue me and bring me to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. By a miraculous move of God, I was brought to Word Of

Empty No More

From the time I was 11 years old, I was very ambitious. With four brothers and three sisters, I felt the need to work and help out the family. Even though my father worked, that wasn’t enough for me. Throughout my life, no matter how much I accomplished, it was never enough. From high school

Almost Likely to Succeed

I was the guy everybody thought would be successful in life. I was always an honor student in school. My plan was to go to college and become a physical therapist. Even then, I had a good job making a nice salary. In my first year or two of school I had a 3.9 grade

A House Built On Sand Gets a Solid Foundation

Today I stand a new creation; no longer the man I used to be. I was a man that was lost, in bondage to my own selfish desires, walking in rebellion to the perfect destiny God had for me. Like the house built on sand, my life fell drastically when I was at what seemed

Poor Choices Led Me to an Abundant Life

I came to the New Life Dream Center for Women broken, abandoned and very depressed. I also came as a born-again Christian. How confusing is that? The circumstances that brought me to the New Life Dream Centers (a failed marriage, the pain of rejection, prescription drug dependency) all came from my poor choices and Satan.

A Father Returns Home

I came to the New Life Dream Center from Sing Sing prison in 1984. My family was involved in a lot of wrong things, so when I was released, I didn’t want to go back there. Mike Marschean, the prison chaplain, got me a place in the . While I